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Before completing the online application to become an ORMTA Member, please ensure you have read all requirements for the membership type you would like to apply for.


Visit our FAQ page or contact ORMTA's Secretary Registrar with any questions regarding application.

A few important notes about the application process

"New Expiration Date"

Applicants will have 6 months from the time of completing an online application in order to submit all required documentation and pay the application fee. This "expiration date" that is generated in Step 1 is used by the system for a different purpose and may not reflect this 6 month time period.


You will have the option to subscribe or opt out of general emails in step 2 of the application. We highly encourage our members to subscribe in order to receive important news and updates. You can change your subscription options later from your profile settings or unsubscribe at any time.

Your Address

Please enter your teaching address on the application. Once approved and given access to log in, you will be able to add a mailing or secondary teaching address if needed.

Uploading Required Documents

All Membership Types (except for Auxiliary) require documents supporting your educational credentials and/or teaching experience. You will be asked to upload these files in Step 5 of the application. You may provide documentation at a later time by emailing ORMTA's Provincial Secretary Registrar, however your application will not be approved until the required documents are received and reviewed. If documentation is not received within 6 months, your application will be deleted from ORMTA's database.

ORMTA Branches

All members (except for Auxiliary) must belong to at least one ORMTA Branches. You may also choose to belong to additional branches. Your membership fee will include a branch portion fee for each branch that you belong to and a branch levy (if applicable). Both of these fees are returned to the branch.

Application Fee and 

Membership Fees

Upon acceptance, you will be able to log in to our website and pay your membership dues. Your initial invoice will include a $50 application fee ($40.51 for Auxiliary). Your Membership fees will vary depending on Membership Type, which Branch(es) you belong to and other required or optional fees. Annual Membership Fees are usually $150-200.

Ready to Become an ORMTA Member?

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